Who am I?

A bit about Anne

IMG_0898So this is me. Anne. Anne with an ‘e’, not to be confused with Annie. Very different name, very different people

The first thing that comes to mind when I ponder the question “who am I?” is the Les Miserables song by the same title. Once I get done belting “I’m Jean Valjean!” at the top of my lungs and start to actually answer the question, the next thing that pops up is that I’m a mother. This is a relatively new title for me; as Tiny is my first child and still under a year old. I’m learning as I go in this whorl wind of adventure. Closely related to “mother” is the title “wife”. It’s my favorite title, I think. I very much love my husband, and I very much love being married. What do I love more than my daughter and my husband? I am rather a big fan of God. And by that I mean I owe my entire existence to His saving grace. Therefore, I strive to (however feebly) make my life reflect that. Those are the three things that really define who I am. My passions also include mime, piano, teaching, and creative home making.


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