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I am going to share with you, this festive season, my favorite Christmas Album. I know, I know. Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated until after Thanksgiving, but there are 6 songs I want to reflect on with you, and 5ish weeks until Christmas. The album is “Christmas Stories” by Jason Gray (my very favorite artist) and you can find it here. Please go support this wonderful artist! You will not regret the purchase of this album; it will bless your heart.


Rest – The song of the innkeeper

I need rest, I need rest

Lost inside a forest of a million trees

Trying to find my way back to me

I need rest”


I am starting today with the innkeeper because as the “busy” season approaches, and the school year winds down, and work gets stressful, we all need a little rest. Maybe a lot of rest. We stumble through tasks, meetings, and lesson plans, struggling to get everything done, feeling like we’re drowning in it all


“I found them standing in my door

In the clumsy silence of the poor

I’ve got no time for precious things

But at least they won’t be wandering

If they’re sleeping on my stable floor”


Often times when we get to this point of stress we forget to look at the people we are supposed to be ministering to, whether that’s those around us as we walk through the grocery store buying last minute stuffing for Thanksgiving, or that child who keeps asking the same question about a homework assignment, even though you’ve explained it to the class four times already today. We feel overrun and exhausted. We get home, shower, and fall into bed wishing tomorrow would never come, or that nights were about 5 hours longer so maybe we could get a little sleep


“There were no rooms to rent tonight

The only empty bed is mine

‘Cause I’m overbooked and overrun

With so many things that must be done

Until I’m numb and running blind”


We remember those days as a child where the holidays meant sleeping in because there was no school for a few days, looking forward to seeing relatives, and food. Lots of food, hopefully. But no more. Now we wonder how we’re going to budget to make room for the extra food for Thanksgiving, and worry about how we’ll face the relatives we don’t want to see. We want, deep in our hearts, to be rescued from these worries


“As a boy I heard the old men sing

About a Kingdom and a coming King

But keeping books and changing beds

Put a different song inside my head

And the melody is deafening”


As we hurry through the checkout line, trying not to get trampled by the thousand other people who waited until the day before Thanksgiving to buy their food, we feel defeated. Is any of this worth anything? Does it matter? What are we looking for in all this “festivity”? We wait in line, but what are we really waiting for?


“To Rome we’re only names and numbers

Not souls in search of signs and wonders

We’re waiting for the day of our salvation

The Messiah who will be our liberation

We’re waiting, I’m waiting”


And if we’re not careful, we’ll miss it. We’ll wait in our lines until Kingdom come, and we’ll miss it. We become so focused on what we have to get done, all the while longing for rest – sweet rest – and we’ll miss the One who has come to give us rest in the middle of our chaos. If we are not careful we’ll struggle to sleep, only to be kept awake by the very thing we’re looking for, unable to see it because all we want is some peace


“Tonight I can’t get any sleep

With these shepherds shouting in the streets

A star is shining much too bright

Somewhere I hear a baby cry

And all I want is a little peace”





Keep your eyes peeled, your hopes high. Wait, yes, wait. But do not forget to look. The Messiah has come, He will give you rest.


“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


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