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Again this week I am featuring a song from the album “Christmas Stories” by Jason Gray (my very favorite artist), you can find it here. Please go support this wonderful artist! You will not regret the purchase of this album; it will bless your heart.


“Eaiser – The Song of the Wiseman”

It’s easier to give a gift of gold

Than to give my heart for another to hold

It’s easier

It’s easier to give You the things I do

Than to open my life and let You walk through

It’s easier”


I love Christmas. The lights, the trees, the snow (maybe), the music! But one of the things I really love about Christmas is the gifts. Not particularly the receiving them, though that’s enjoyable too, but giving. If I could afford it, I would give a gift to every single person I have an affinity for. But whether I can only afford a couple gifts made from what I have around the house, or have been blessed enough to give extravagantly during the Christmas season, I have to watch my heart. Because although I am a giver, my heart is a miser


“Do I hide behind my offerings

While you’re hoping for the heart of me?

Am I the only gift

That You long for me to give?”


This is something that crops up not only in the giving of gifts, but of my time and my talent. Being on a Praise Team at my church I am in the unique situation to encounter this every single week. Do I hide behind my offerings? How many weeks do I “give” the gift of my talent while I shield my heart? Afraid to let You in, afraid to let You work in me. I play music every week, every week, that speaks of Your extravagant gifts yet I hide the part of me that You long to receive


“The weary wisdom of broken men

Says it’s only the fool who rushes in

Only the fool

So it’s easier to give You only a part

Than to risk giving away my whole heart

It’s easier, yeah, easier”


Because it’s safer, right? It’s safer to hide my heart away. If I give You my heart, who knows what You’ll do with it. You might do great and mighty things. Things that I am uncomfortable with because I struggle with loving people, and loving people is what You do. I am afraid that if I give You my whole heart I will have to give up things like selfishness, and vanity. I am afraid of what will happen, so it’s easier to give You half


“Overcome by innocence

My wisdom becomes foolishness

Before the tiny babe

Born to give Himself away”


Yet I see, so clearly, that You gave Your whole heart away. You gave it to a people who were strangers to You, who gave You no regard. You loved us extravagantly. And I long to return in kind what You gave to me


“So led by a light of a start sweetly gleaming!

With glowing hears by His cradle we stand

Fall on your knees

Fall on your knees

The conqueror comes in peace”


So here. Here, by this cradle, I fall on my knees. My heart in pieces because I long to give You the part of me that I hide, but am afraid. So afraid


“Only a child could heal the wound

Of the fear that keeps me away from You

Only a child, only a child

He was only a child, only a child”




“Take my yoke upon you. Let Me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”


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