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Again this week I am featuring a song from the album “Christmas Stories” by Jason Gray (my very favorite artist), you can find it here. Please go support this wonderful artist! You will not regret the purchase of this album; it will bless your heart.



Gloria – The song of the Shepherds

After the angel’s song
Everyone held their breath
As the darkness rushed back in upon those shepherd boys
Staring into the night
Climbing up off their knees
With their hearts on fire, they were trembling with fear and joy”


Christmas is next week. I am so excited. After days (months) of waiting, it is finally here! The festivities begin! The joy that overflows from my heart is probably nothing compared with what the shepherds felt that night long ago


“Racing down from the hills
Running like children run
Reckless and wild with a song that made them young again
As the field beneath their feet
Turned into city streets
They were crying out

“have you heard, have you heard oh Bethlehem?!” ”


To have the heart of a child is one thing, but to have the heart of a shepherd, that is something else. Grown men, adults, racing down from the hills, ecstatic with the news they had just heard


Gloria, Gloria!
It was a choir of angels singing
The shepherd’s ears were ringing
They were ringing with
Gloria, Gloria!
Now everything is going to change
Christ the Lord is born today



Imagine it.

You’re a shepherd out on the hills of Bethlehem. You’ve heard your whole life about “the Messiah” the One who will come and make all things new, who will be the Savior, but you have better things to do than to believe it will be in your lifetime. Day after day, as the years go on, you secretly hope and keep watch, like you do over your sheep, for the signs of the Christ.


“In a land under the rule
Of the priests and kings
Only shepherds heard the song
That the angels sing
The humble are the keepers of the secrets of the Kingdom that is coming
With a song that will break upon the world like 10,000 horses running”



You keep watch.



And then.



all of a sudden!


“Gloria, Gloria!
The shepherds they were singing
Now all our ears are ringing
They’re still ringing with
Gloria, Gloria!
Now everything is going to change
Christ the Lord is born today”


He’s here! He has come! The Messiah!


As terrifying as angels may be, the news they brought is too essential to stay there trembling on your knees and you take off into the town to find the baby, singing and shouting with the other shepherds as you hurtle down the hills


“Gloria, glory to God, glory to God!
Gloria, glory to God, glory to God
In excelsis Deo”


Now everything is going to change.



Gloria in excelsis Deo!


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