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Lots of people hate Monday. Lots and lots and lots.

Monday 1


Because the weekend is over. You have to go back to work. The weekend is over. It’s sad. You have to be up early. The weekend is over.


Monday, requires inordinate amounts of coffee for those who are coffee people, and if you can swing it, a nap. Or two. Mondays are hard.


Monday 5


That being said,


I really like Mondays. (Please don’t throw your 72 oz. coffee mugs at me)


See, the thing is, Monday is the start of a new week. No matter how crummy last week went, I get to start again on Monday.

No matter that I dropped the ball on the dishes on Thursday and they’re still sitting in the sink. No matter that I forgot to make time to write a blog post for Saturday. No matter that Tiny spent most of the week hating naps and painfully cutting teeth. No matter that by Sunday night I’m exhausted and ready to throw in the towel on every activity that I’ve ever been involved with and do something else with my life, anything else!


No matter.


Because Monday.

Monday is a breath of fresh air, a return to the normalcy that I try to inflict on my chaos. Monday is the day that I get to begin again anew; a blank canvas to work on. Monday is a chance for a re-do, re-evaluate, re-live. Monday is a work day, a productive day. Monday is a “let’s conquer the world” day. Monday is the charge after Aragorn’s speech at the Black Gate;


a day may come when the strength of Moms fail, but it is not this day!



Sure, by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll probably be knee deep in laundry, dishes, baby drool, and feelings of inadequacy. Of course, the weekend is refreshing. Yes, Mondays are still hard. But if I’m honest, I’m okay with that.


Monday 6


Aren’t you glad we get a reset every week?



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