Baby Life



If you don’t have kids, or your kids are grown and you have forgotten what it’s like to clean up a poopy diaper, you might want to skip this post and go make cookies instead. Cookies are better anyway.



Speaking of poop. I don’t know about you, but my child has favorite places to poop. Which seems odd to me. Her current favorites are:


During nap time. Instead of sleeping. Because if nap time wasn’t hard enough, lets add a giant poopy diaper to the mix. No, Mom. I can’t nap, I have to poop.




In the car seat. On the way to. . . anywhere. Not the way home. The way to. Because how many people don’t want to start a conversation with a car salesman by asking “do you have somewhere I can change my baby”?




Sitting in the highchair during lunch, while munching on whatever food is available. Because if you’re putting more food in, you gotta make room somehow. . . More avocado, please!




Naked. Sitting on the carpeted floor of her bedroom. I don’t think she understood what actually happens when she poops until all of a sudden there was a poop sitting on the floor with her. Which means I can no longer leave my baby alone, naked, in her room. Even going to throw away the diaper is a dangerous business if I don’t re-diaper her first, because I could come back to her poking at a poop with a curious expression on her face, “what is this? Where did it come from? Oh, it’s squishy. . . ”


Where does your kid like to poop?? Let me know and we can lament together until they’re potty-trained.


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